Submission of abstracts

The Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies invites the submission of abstracts that creatively interpret and respond to the theme of Gothic Hybridities: Interdisciplinary, Multimodal and Transhistorical Approaches.  Papers might explore the ways in which the Gothic mode has entered into conceptual and thematic dialogue with other forms of representation in time, or address the role that the Gothic has played in fostering exchange across different media and disciplinary boundaries.

Topics may include (but are by no means limited to) the following:

  • Generic hybridities: the Gothic in horror, science fiction, noir, romance and other contiguous genres; the difficulties of defining the Gothic; the (im)possibility of a ‘pure’ or ‘original’ Gothic
  • Gothic audiences: YA Gothic/teen Gothic, children’s Gothic, adult Gothic
  • Gothic / Classical hybrids
  • Gothic polyvalence and heteroglossia: the many voices of the Gothic text
  • Gothic value: the Gothic as genre, as mode, as type of art, as style, as critical tool
  • Gothic interdisciplinarity: Gothic perspectives from history, the social sciences, medical humanities, culture, politics and philosophy, fashion, media studies, reception and fan studies
  • Hybridisation or ‘degothicisation’: the critical and conceptual implications of the hybridisation of the Gothic
  • Crossing cultural, social or global boundaries: the type of work that Gothic hybridity carries out at the borderlands of cultures, classes and nations
  • Gothic diachronicity: evolution and historical changes to the Gothic as a word and artistic category; the role of academia in shifting the reception and value of the Gothic
  • Gothic infringement and transformations: the use and adoption of the Gothic in other genres/modes: what does it mean to ‘gothicise’ a mode, text or genre?
  • Transmedia Gothic: the Gothic across media, the role that different media have played in altering public and academic understandings of the Gothic
  • Frankenstein Gothic: changes in the reception of this quintessential Gothic text and its afterlives in different media

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:  Prof Agnieszka Soltysik-Monnet (Lausanne), Prof Angela Wright (Sheffield), Dr Bernice Murphy (Trinity College, Dublin).

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please submit a 250 word abstract by 5 March 2018 to, including your name, a short biography, affiliation (if any), and contact details. We are also happy to consider pre-formed proposed panels.

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